While QTAC Admissions and Online Applications represent the majority of the applications to study at UQ, there are some types of applications that need to be entered into SI-net using the SI-net Direct Admissions method.

Applicants are currently admitted to study at UQ via four methods:

The guides in this section focus on the Online Applications (OLA) and the SI-net Direct Admissions methods. Regardless of whether an application is entered in SI-net via the Online Applications method or the SI-net Direct Admissions method, the UQ Applications WorkCentre and the UQ Checklist Items WorkCentre are the two Admissions WorkCentres that are used to process applications.

UQ Applications WorkCentre

The UQ Applications WorkCentre is a central area in SI-net where you can find and process all applications regardless of application method. You are able to access various pages via links and buttons without leaving the WorkCentre, saving you time. 

UQ Checklist Items WorkCentre (also called the myChecklist Items WorkCentre)

The UQ Checklist Items WorkCentre is used to access assigned checklist items for requests for approvals or recommendations regarding an application. 

Admissions Process

Go to Admissions process to view a list of step-by-step instructions for the various activities performed during the admissions process.

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