Admissions Stages of the process infographic

All applications are processed through SI-net but the method to apply can be different and is split as follows:

The Online Admissions Process is mostly used to capture the application information for the majority of international applications (excluding QTAC International), most postgraduate coursework domestic (including Honours), non award (including cross institutional and study abroad) and all HDR applications. 

Domestic undergraduate applicants apply and are assessed via, QTAC.

International foundation applicants are entered into SI-net via file upload and are assessed in SI-net.

UQ College are manually entered into SI-net.

The Admissions process is managed via the UQ Applications WorkCentre.
The UQ Checklists are managed via the UQ Checklist Items WorkCentre.


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  • UQ Applications WorkCentre

    One of two Admissions WorkCentres. Used to find and process all applications regardless of application method. Outlines how to use and personalise your UQ Applications WorkCentre.

  • Application documents

    Details on how to access, upload, download and email application documents.

  • Application summary

    Details on how to access the online application summary, and how to generate and access an application summary pdf for an up-to-date overview of the application and any payments.

  • Assessment summary

    Details on how to access the online assessment summary, and how to generate and access an assessment summary pdf for an up-to-date overview of the assessment that has taken place on the application preferences so far, including checklist items.

  • Assess OLA Qualifications and Test Results

    Details on the pages (UQ Qualification Data, UQ Applicant Qualifications, Test Results, Assessment Summary, Assessment Summary RTF/PDF)  used to track and assess qualifications and test results submitted by applicants via an online application.

  • Quota management

    Quota Management can be used to help manage programs that require tight control over offer numbers.

  • Referees and Referee Reports

    Details on how to request details for a new referee and how to access the referee report.


A checklist is the way to assign tasks to individuals or groups of individuals and to monitor its progress to completion.


Details on how to add a new preference or activate another preference which is a program that a prospective student applies to study.


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Application Decision

  • Applicant withdrawals

    Description of what happens when an applicant withdraws. How an applicant withdraws via OLA and instructions on how to manually withdraw an applicant.

  • Deny an Application

    Instructions on how to deny an application as a whole. How to upload the deny letter and finalise the application.

  • Make an offer

    Describes the process of making an offer with specific instructions of making an unconditional, conditional and package offer via the UQ Applications WorkCentre; how to prepare charges for International applications.

  • Set up Communication Speed Keys (Comm Keys)

    Communication Speed Keys (Comm Keys) enable quick data entry of fields necessary to generate a letter of offer, or issue denials. 

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Offer Response

Process an applicant's responses to an offer - overview 

Overview of how to respond to an applicant when they either accept the offer, decline the offer or request a change to the offer. Outlines the difference been auto and manual matriculation.

  • Process acceptance of a conditional offer

    Instructions on how to process an acceptance when requirements are still outstanding and then when requirements have been satisfied. How to prepare the application for auto matriculation or how to manually matriculate an application.

  • Process acceptance of an unconditional offer

    Instructions on how to manually matriculate an applicant to process the acceptance of an unconditional offer.

  • Process a declined offer 

    Describes what happens during the auto-processing of a declined offer. Instructions on how to find declined offers and manually decline an offer.

  • Process a change request to an offer @draft

    Describes what you need to do when an applicant requests a change.

  • Add an admit row

    An admit row is required before an application can be matriculated. Instructions on how to add the admit row.

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  • Archive applications

    Information on how and when applications are archived, which moves the application and its supporting documents to TRIM and clears space on the OLA server.


    Send the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

    Instructions on how to create, upload and send a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to an applicant using the UQ Application WorkCentres.

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