Admissions Stages of the process infographic

PLEASE NOTE: This training module provides information and instructions for admitting an applicant into the University using the Online Applications Process (OLA).  

SI-net Online Admissions Process is mostly used to capture the application information for Higher Doctorate, UQ College and CPD applications, as the other application types are handled by QTAC and the Online Application System. However, hard-copy applications may still be submitted and will be accepted for those other application types.

The Admissions process is managed by the UQ Applications WorkCentre.


Application documents
Assess OLA Qualifications and Test Results
  • Add checklist items
  • Send information via checklists
  • Send documents via checklists
  • Question and Answer checklist items
Generate Application summary
Generate Assessment summary
Quota management

Referees and Referee Reports - @review

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Application Decision

Auto decline
Applicant withdrawals
Deny an Application
Generate Documents
Make an Offer
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Offer Response

Applicant Responds to Offer
Process the response to a conditional offer
Process the response to an unconditional offer
Auto-Matriculation Rules
Process Applicant Responses including Matriculation

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Request and Process Payments

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Archive applications
Send the Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

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