When discussing ‘processing’ an application, this involves:

  1. The evaluation of the application by the responsible officer(s);
  2. Making decisions about the application and recording these decisions as the application progresses;
  3. Generating communications with the applicant (covered within the 3Cs of Admissions); and
  4. Recording comments in relation to any aspect of processing the application (covered within the 3Cs of Admissions).

  • Processing Applications - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This guide outlines the steps to record an evaluation and record a decision.

  • Process Applicants Decision - Direct/Manual Admissions

    A reference guide of manual steps to follow to process the applicant's decision on the Maintain Applications page depending on the response received from the applicant. These steps are now managed in the UQ Applications WorkCentre.

  • Matriculation - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This guide outlines the process for matriculating an applicant who has accepted an offer.

  • Applications and Offers Data Entry Guidelines 

    To ensure that the data is captured for Federal Government reporting the following information is required when entering applicant data. 

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