The following resources provide an overview of knowledge and skills if you are new to the field of training.  It is not an accredited learning program.  For formal certification and more extensive skill development, consider the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Train the trainer

Released: 7 June 2017

Duration: 1h 5m

Topics include

Elements of effective training Prepare the training session
Core competencies of effective trainers Develop effective communication
Overcome barriers to learning Questioning for effective learning
Motivate adult learners Manage and engage participants

Welcome from Train the Trainer by Ajay Pangarkar

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How to design and deliver training programs

Released: 19 October 2017

Duration: 1h 29m

Topics include

Identify employee training needs Prepare employees for training Facilitate discussions and learning
Create an individual development plan Evaluate a training program Manage breaks effectively
Develop learning objectives Present with confidence and clarity Deliver training via webinar

Welcome from How to Design and Deliver Training Programs by Jeff Toister

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Instructional Design: Adult Learners

Released: 23 September 2014

Duration: 45m 34s

Topics include

Adult learning theory Overcome learning barriers
Four Stages of learning Turn theory into practice
Comparing active vs. passive learning  

Welcome from Instructional Design: Adult Learners by Jeff Toister

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What you need to know about cognitive load

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