Goals and related workflows or processes 

  1. Consider the goals that we are attempting to achieve.  
  2. Identify the goals that are relevant to training. The goals may or may not relate to the greater UQ Strategy 2018-2021.
  3. Record the goals in the Template: Goals and related workflows/processes.
  4. Record the workflows/process that will be shared with the users to understand how the system will help them achieve the goal.

Identify tasks and related competencies

  1. For each workflow/process identify the tasks that must be performed.
  2. For each task, identify the knowledge, skill, ability that is required to perform the task.
  3. For each knowledge, skill and ability item, identify whether support (checklist, guide, video, coaching or course) is required.

Goals and related workflows/processes

Assists in determining how the goals are achieved through a workflow or process. 

Goal Workflows / Processes
Goal Name 1 workflow/process name
Goal Name 2 workflow/process name
Goal Name 3 workflow/process name
Goal Name 4 workflow/process name

Identify tasks and related competencies

Assists in determining the requirements for achieving tasks.

Workflow/process 2



Knowledge - what they need to know to perform the task



Skills - skills they need to perform the task



Task Name 1


Task Name 2


Task Name 3


Task Name 4


Task Name 5