The Student Immunisation Evidence Process is a workflow tool built within the UniTask system. 

It enables initiation, monitoring and compliance verification for students requiring immunisations as part of their studies at UQ.

Students who undertake practical placements as part of their program, as well as HDR and other research students, may have specific mandatory immunisation requirements relevant to their program, coursework or project. The University of Queensland (UQ), requires that students in certain areas of study are adequately immunised relevant to their studies.


Process diagram of the Student Immunisation Evidence Process


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The Student Immunisation process is initiated by a UQ staff member for one or groups of students.

The process will then create separate, independent cases for each student.  Each student will be required to upload their evidence.

After the student completes their Provide Evidence task, the Immunisation Records Team (IRT) will be responsible for reviewing the student's documentation and requesting anything missing.

The Key contact will be responsible for performing any student related actions (such as withdrawing the request or actioning the student's program enrolment or placement) if the student is not compliant by the due date.  The key contact will be able to monitor the related student immunisation requests on the Review and Update form, which will contain a list of all student immunisation compliance created from the Instantiation form.