TRIM (HPE Content Manager) offers extensive security and access options to allow you to secure your records to appropriate audiences.

Overview of TRIM's security and access controls

TRIM’s overarching security and access applications are managed and maintained by UQ’s Records Management and Advisory Services (RMAS) team. The system is set to automatically protect the home locations of sensitive, private and confidential information.

  • Principle of inheritance – individuals’ security settings are generally linked to (or ‘inherited’ from) someone’s position, organisational unit and access control groups to which they belong. For example, if a file was secured to Student Services everyone who had a TRIM licence and was part of the organisational unit Student Services in TRIM would automatically have access to that file.
  • Personalised security and access – in addition to top level controls, individual users can further secure the information they create into the system, on a record by record basis.
  • Tailored access for organisational areas – UQ organisational areas with specific requirements can build a tailored security and access plan, likely to include the creation of a unique Access Control Group (ACG), in partnership with RMAS.
  • Controls – all actions conducted within TRIM are auditable down to the computer an individual was working on at the time a record was accessed.
  • Document revision history – TRIM automatically manages the revisions of a document ensuring the whole history is maintained.  
  • Records lifecycle management – TRIM is designed to manage documents from creation through to destruction, with robust control measures in place.
  • Training and support – RMAS provides full training and support to staff on how to understand, assign and manage access controls. 

The system is nationally and internationally endorsed across the record keeping lifecycle that supports the University’s record management requirements under specifications including:

More information on security and access is available in user guides within TRIM (see right hand margin). 

Alternately,  you can visit, log in with your single sign on details, and work through a range of eLearnng modules. 

Create your own legacy

The work you produce is important to UQ, even when you’re away or no longer here. By centrally recording your key work, you leave valuable tracks others can follow to continue the UQ journey.