You can track the progress of your examination using the HTE request

  • Log onto my.UQ using your student credentials
  • Click My requests on the left
  • Find the HTE request and click on the blue arrow (on right) to open.

Find the Detail section and click on the plus sign next to Principal Advisor (see Candidate’s Role in Completing the HTE for visual instructions)

  • Scroll down until you find the Examiner Table

By looking at the status column of the Examiner table (far right column), you can see when an examiner has been invited, when reminders have been sent, if they have accepted or declined and when they received the thesis. The table also documents when examiners' reports are received.

If you can’t see any progress in your review this may be because you commenced the thesis process prior to April 2022. If that is the case some instances of the thesis examination process were undertaken outside of the system.

The term ‘1st exam requested’ indicates that the thesis has been sent to the examiner, on the date stated.  When an examiner returns their report, you will see ‘Exam Provided’.

Please note, that you will not be sent an examiner’s report as soon as it is received. Both reports must be returned and reviewed by the Dean of the Graduate School before they are forwarded to you.

Refer to the thesis examination website to understand what happens in the case of late examiners reports.

We look forward to supporting you through the examination process.