Staff access requests for InPlace
Approval required from Dr Dino Willox ( Director, Student Employability, Student Enrichment and Employability Development (SEED) 
Effective 01/04/2021

There are several Roles in Placements with associated permissions giving staff access to the system and the appropriate level of data.

View the permission matrix for further details about the access provided. For gaining access, follow the process outlined below.

UQ Staff

Permission Type:  Placement Officer, UQ Academic Supervisor, School/Faculty Reporting or placement document approver permission

Staff member submits a request to the SuperUser within their Faculty/School/Discipline (typically a manager/supervisor).  If approved, the SuperUser will submit the form to ITS for requesting the staff member be given Placements access.

Permission Type: School/Faculty  SuperUser permission

Staff member submits a request to the School Manager/Head of School within their Faculty/School/Discipline. If approved, the School Manager/Head of School's approval is submitted to ITS for granting access to Placements.


All students that are active in SI-net are given an account in Placements.


SuperUsers: Provide access to new staff after successful access request

 After ITS advises of user account setup there is an overnight process that should make the requested user's account and profile available in InPlace. A delegated School/Faculty SuperUser (typically the person who approved the access request) will need to add the required Disciplines and Roles to the account and profile of the new staff member.

Add Role

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users
  2. Search for staff member by username and click Detail
  3. Tick to select the role(s) appropriate for the staff member's duties in InPlace. These should match the role(s) selected in the Access Request form.
  4. Click Save

Add Discipline

  1. Navigate to Manage > Staff
  2. Search for staff member by given OR surname (not both) and click Detail
  3. Select the Disciplines tab on top row. Click Detail next to the campus.
  4. Tick to select appropriate Disciplines and click Save.

    (Note that if the Requirement Groups managed by your team use campuses other than St Lucia, you will need to also add a new Campus and select the same set of Disciplines for that campus also.)

Add Allocation Groups

This step can only be done after Disciplines are applied, but can be performed either by the School/Faculty SuperUser or by the new staff member themselves.

  1. In the Staff detail page click the Allocation Groups tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Allocation Group to expand the selection box
  3. For quickest selection of relevant groups, untick "Show current allocation groups" and tick "Show all for Staff Discipline/Campus"

    This populates the selection box with Allocation Groups across all years, and applicable to all Disciplines selected on the staff member's profile.
  4. Click to select specific groups, or Ctrl+Click to select multiple individual groups, or Click top and Shift+Click bottom to select a whole section of groups
  5. Click Save.
    (Note: This adds the user to the Allocation Group's "Staff" tab which controls which staff can manage placements for the group; users can also be added through that method instead)


Placements Online Training Course

This online course redirects to Workday. Users can develop a broad understanding of UQ’s Work Integrated Learning software tool InPlace (Placements)

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