The steps show how to use the SI-net Add a Manual Application pages to record the biographical and academic information contained in an application that has been submitted to the University. 

When adding an application, information needs to be added to a number of tabs within the Add Application pages. Some fields and checkboxes on these pages need to be completed with care and in the correct format, to avoid Australian Government reporting errors. Key points to remember when adding an application are:

  • The Effective Date must be on or before term start date, so be sure to backdate it if necessary.
  • Accurate Citizenship information is mandatory to meet Australian Government reporting requirements (Note: Not relevant for CPD applications).
  • Be sure to record the ID and Application Nbr (both 8-digit numbers) that appear upon saving the application. These may sometimes ‘carry over’ to other SI-net pages, but this may not always be the case. 
PLEASE NOTE: Always conduct a Search/Match prior to entering an application. If you find that the person already exists in SI-net (for example as a prospect or a previous student):

Be sure to check that an application does not already exist for that program and admit term, using the Maintain Applications pages. If an application already exists, please view that existing application and make any required updates directly, rather than creating a duplicate application.

If the person does exist but no application exists, proceed to use the Add Application page as below, but please overwrite the ‘NEW’ in the ID field, and enter the person’s existing ID. This indicates that the new application being entered is linked to this existing person’s record. Any details already recorded in SI-net about the person will then be automatically populated throughout the Add Application pages. 

  • Add a New Value - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This guide lists the steps required to add a new value to an application entry.

  • Biographical Details - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This page is used to record the applicant’s personal details such as name, address and telephone. This information must be recorded for the application to be successfully saved and matriculated. 

  • Regional Details - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This page is used to record the applicant’s Ethnicity (where relevant) and Citizenship information.

  • Application Program Data - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This page is used to record the applicant’s academic program and plan information, and the progress of the application.

  • Application Regional - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This page is used to record the applicant’s mode of attendance.

  • Application Data - Direct/Manual Admissions

    This page is used to record the details of the application itself. International Admissions Section (IAS) uses this page to calculate and post application fees for International Fee Paying (IFP) applicants.

  • Application School/Recruiting - Direct/Manual Admissions

    The Application School/Recruiting page is used to record the details of the last educational institution that was attended by the applicant (including tertiary institutions).

  • Saving the Application - Direct/Manual Admissions

    The steps required to save the application.

  • Adding Preferred Name - Direct/Manual Admissions

    The steps required to record add a preferred name if one has been provided by the applicant. 

  • Postgraduate Honours / Undergraduate Diplomas - Direct/Manual Admissions

    The steps required to add a Postgraduate Honours/Undergraduate Diploma application for an existing UQ student.

  • Add a Prospect

    The steps below outline the process for entering a prospect. Prospects are potential students whom the University wishes to attract to study its programs.

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