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  • 3Cs of Admissions

    The 3Cs of Admissions consist of assigning a checklist to an application, generating communications to liaise with the applicant, and recording comments in relation to the application process.
  • Add an application manually - Direct/Manual Admissions

    The steps show how to use the SI-net Add a Manual Application pages to record the biographical and academic information contained in an application that has been submitted to the University. 
  • Admissions

    Applicants are admitted to study at UQ via three methods: QTAC Admissions, Online Applications and SI-net Direct Admissions. Please note, this training module is only for the method of using SI-net Direct Admissions.
  • Admissions Process

    Outlines the Stages of the Admissions Process with links to instructions to complete each stage.
  • Evaluate and Process Applications - Direct/Manual Admissions

    SI-net (index page)
    Procedures and steps for evaluating and processing applications.
  • Introduction to Change Program/Plan

    SI-net Change Program Plan
  • Records and Enrolment

    SI-net (index page)
    Important links regarding students records and enrolments.
  • SI-net Fundamentals

    SI-net (index page)
    SI-net Fundamentals is information, training and essential knowledge to assist users to competently navigate and interact with SI-net.
  • SI-net support

    SI-net (index page)
    Information on Access request, Navigation, Help and FAQ.