What is a project?

Impact Tracker defines a project as 'the body of work, including outputs and activities, which underpin the outcomes and impact. This can be centred on a particular output or a collection of outputs. This does not necessarily have to be a funded project' (Glossary).

A project within Impact Tracker will comprise of a:

  • project overview — where you describe your project
  • project evidence vault — where you store evidence to inform statements about impact and engagement
  • project activities — where you list activities related to your project
  • project storyboards — where you bring together your engagement and impact indicators together with evidence.

Create a project in Impact Tracker

Steps for setting up a new project

  1. Login to Impact Tracker
  2. Select My Projects from the toolbar at the top of the page
  3. Select New Project

Super projects

Impact Tracker allows you to designate certain projects as super projects. For instance, in situations where there are may be multiple linked projects created, setting up a overarching super project can help with project management.

Select Super Project in the Project Overview section.

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