UQSafe is the system used by UQ staff and students to create risk assessments associated with their work or research, report workplace incidents and hazards, submit applications to work with biological materials, and complete fieldwork and work-off campus plans. 

Who has access to UQSafe?

  • All UQ staff and students
  • Staff of UQ's controlled entities
  • Some contractors and visitors (depending on role at UQ)
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How do I log into UQSafe?

All UQ staff and students are automatically provided with an account and username that allows access to a range of online resources, including UQSafe. Accounts are supplied and managed by Information Technology Services (ITS). Signing into UQSafe with your UQ username will create a UQ Authenticate session that lasts for 8 hours.

Staff (including casual and unpaid staff)

Most staff usernames begin with 'uq', followed by the first initial of your given name and the first five letters of your surname. For example: uqjblogg. Because many staff members can have the same surnames and first initials, usernames can also contain numbers. For example: uqjblog3.

  • If you don’t have a staff account, check with your supervisor, local HR officer or central HR Division to verify that your details have been entered correctly into Aurion/Workday.

Students (undergraduate and HDR students)

Your username starts with an 's' followed by six digits: drop the first and last digits from your student number and use the remaining digits (e.g. if your student number is 3123 4567, your student username is s123456). Use this username to log in to mySI-net, my. UQ, Single sign-on, and campus computers.

Staff of Controlled Entities, Contractors, Visitors

UQ can provide accounts and internet services to staff of UQ's controlled entities and affiliated organisations.

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When will I get access to UQSafe? 

Your access to UQSafe will be automatically activated a few days after your commencement date is recorded in the relevant source system (eg Workday for staff; SI-net for students).

  • New user profiles are imported into UQSafe from source systems twice weekly - Mondays and Thursdays
  • Contact your Supervisor if you are not sure whether your commencement date has been recorded correctly.  
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Where do I access UQSafe?


Log in to UQSafe

Via the UQSafe homepage

Via your my.UQ dashboard

How to log in to UQSafe
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I'm having trouble logging in, what should I do?

Contact the ITS Help Desk if you have any questions about UQ accounts and passwords or require IT support or mySI-net support


  •  If you have any questions about your UQ onboarding process, talk to your supervisor or contact the AskHR team.


Still having trouble?

Submit an IT support request.

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