Details of available, required and recommended resources including text books, websites, learning guides and readings. Information on additional costs.

3.0 Learning Resources Confirmation


Resources entered at sections 3.1 (required) and 3.2 (recommended) will be passed on to the Library and the bookshop when they have been confirmed.


UQ Policy 3.20.07 (Course Design) states: "Details of recommended and required learning resources (see Sections 3.1 and 3.2 in the Course Profile Content Template) must be confirmed no later than 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the course."

Course profiles are automatically cloned from a previous instance of the course (where possible), which means that a large proportion of resource data in draft profiles may not be accurate for the specific instance of the course. In order to provide the bookshop and Library with an assurance that the resource data has been checked, a Confirm button is available here. Once confirmed, resource data at 3.1 and 3.2 cannot be edited.

It is possible to revert the confirmation by clicking the 'unconfirm' link to edit the resource data, but this is discouraged.


It is not possible to submit a profile for publishing until the profile's required and recommended resources are confirmed.

3.1 Required Learning Resources and 3.2 Recommended Learning Resources - Technical Help

Suggested Content

Section 3.1 and 3.2 should be used to provided students with a list of required and recommended resources. This includes a list of all text books, learning guides, papers, learning aids, websites and references to learning environments such as blackboard. Each resource should be added individually. You should use the referencing style appropriate to your discipline.

The information you provide will also be available to the Library and bookshop, including the ISBN/ISSN and any notes on the book that might be relevant to the Bookshop or Library when providing the book to students.

Please note that if you intend to use a reader containing a large number of articles, you should add the reader itself as a single resource rather than every article individually. See also Frequently Asked Questions: Learning Resources.

Add a Learning Resource

Note: Each required and recommended resource should be added individually.

1. Click the Add button next to the heading "3.1 Required Learning Resources" or  "3.2  Recommended Learning Resources".

2. Add a bibliographic reference for the resource in the online editor field. Format to suit your desired referencing style and add any notes or comments for the students in this same field. For example:

Bies, D.A. and Hansen, C.H.,2003. Engineering Noise Control: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition, Spon Press, London. (Call Number:TD892.B54 2003 )
*** this book is essential for tutorials ***

Please refer to ECPS Online Editor for general formatting help.

3. Add a reference tag for the resource (such as "Bies, D. A."). The reference tag is a short descriptor that can be used to refer students to the resource if you choose to link these resources to Learning Activities in section 4. (It may be helpful to think of the reference tag as the in-text citation, formatted appropriately for your chosen referencing style, that would appear for this resource.)

4. You may include a link to the resource in the link field.

5. Indicate if the resource is required or recommended.

6. Enter the ISBN and any notes on the resource for the Library and bookshop.

7. Click Save.

Edit a Resource

To edit the details of an existing resource:

1. Click the Edit icon (red pencil) next to the resource to be edited.

2. Edit as per instructions for "Adding a Resource".

3. Click Save.

Move a Resource

To move a resource up and down the list use the blue arrow buttons. 

3.3 University Learning Resources - Technical Help

Suggested Content

This section refers students to services and learning resources available to all students at the University.

The content of this section is set by the University on the approval of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

You cannot edit this section.

3.4 Organisational Unit Learning Resources - Technical Help

Suggested Content

This section of the course profile can be used by the Organisational Unit coordinating the course to refer students to services and learning resources available across the unit to ALL students. This may include information on computer labs, practice rooms and printing.

The content of this section is set by the Unit Administrator. If this section is not used by the Unit it will not appear in the course profile.

Course Designers cannot edit this section.

3.5 Other Learning Resources & Information - Technical help

Suggested Content

This section may used by the academic to provide more detailed information on learning resources available in the course. This may include information on labs and equipment, the use of particular software packages and studios and practice rooms.

This section may be broken into several subsections using bold headings.

Edit/Add Information to this Section

1. Click the Edit button.

2. Add or edit the information for this section using the online editor field. Please refer to ECPS Online Editor for general formatting help.

3. Click Save.