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The status of your profile can be changed under the Status & Settings link in the left-side menu when viewing a profile.

On the Status & Settings page, you can:

The main states of a profile

See the online help page The states of a course profile for more detailed information on profile states. Here's a brief summary:


Profiles in the DRAFT state can be edited without being viewed by the public.


When a profile is ready to be reviewed by peers, designers can change the status to SUBMITTED. In this state, the profile is still not be viewable by students, but any users with REVIEW or PREVIEW access to the profile will be able to read the profile. Users with REVIEW access to the profile can publish reviews, comments and recommendations on the Development board (link on the left-side menu).

To submit a profile for review and publishing:

  1. Go to the Status & Settings page.
  2. Select SUBMITTED from the profile status drop-down menu.
  3. Click Set.


When the profile has been reviewed and is considered ready for publication, Unit Administrators will be able to change the status to PUBLISHED.

While still editable, it is considered that few if any changes will be made to a profile in this state, hence users will not be able to use the cloning feature to copy data from other profiles into this PUBLISHED one—this is a security measure designed to minimise the risk of damaging or deleting the completed profile.

If the profile's Display Date (see Settings below) has elapsed, a PUBLISHED profile will be immediately visible via mySI-net to students already enrolled in the course. The following day, a link will be visible to the profile from its course page on the Programs & Courses website.

Profile visibility status

When a course is PUBLISHED and the Display Date has elapsed, the profile will be listed as being VIEWABLE—that is, visible to all users (including students and the general public).

If there is a sudden need to remove the profile from public view, Unit Administrators (and other authorised users) can set the visibility status of a PUBLISHED profile to WITHDRAWN as a temporary measure. The profile can again be "Set to visible" to make it available for public view once more.

Data alerts

Below these settings are a series of alerts which should be read carefully. These messages will alert the Designer to missing or incomplete data in their profile. Where an alert states that data must be provided, ideally the profile should not be PUBLISHED until that is the case.


The profile is subject to many settings stipulated at the University, Unit and course levels. Settings made here will override the University- and Unit-level settings.

Only Unit Administrators and the System Administrator can change these settings.

These are the settings currently available:

Display Date Published courses will be displayed after this date
Notifiable Date After this date, students can be sent an e-mail automatically to notify them of changes to critical profile fields (the 'purple' text fields in section 5), details of which are posted on the Student Noticeboard
Critical Lockdown Date 'Purple text' fields in section 5 will not be editable after this date without Unit Administrator access
Total Lockdown Date No further editing of the profile is possible after this date
Archive Date On and beyond the Archive Date, section 6 (Policies and Guidelines) will be suppressed from public view. This date is set to the day after the last possible date for student appeals
Retirement (from public view) Date The profile will not be publically viewable after this date
Removal Date The profile will be removed from the database after this date
Timetable The source of timetabling data
Override Submission Method Controls the submission details for individual assessments in section 5.1
Override Late Submission Controls the overall late submission details for assessments in section 5.3
Graduate Attributes Specifies the graduate attribute set used for this course