Within this request you will be able to: 

  • Complete your Principal Advisor Statement
  • Endorse your student’s Progress Review Panel and meeting details
  • Receive contact details of everyone involved in your student’s Progress Review
  • Get access to your student’s review documentation stored on their UQ-RDM  

To understand the different elements of a Progress Review, refer to the My Progress Reviews website.

As a Principal Advisor, you are required to endorse the composition of your Candidate’s Progress Review Panel and the details of their Progress Review Meeting details, within their HDR Progress Review request.

Please contact the Graduate School if something within the Request Details and Candidate Details appears incorrect.

Request details and candidate details screenshot

The Progress Review Details accordion contains the candidate’s selections for their Chair and Panel Member/s and the date/time, location and zoom link for the Progress Review Meeting. These details remain provisional until finalised by the candidate at a later point in the request.

Chair and panel selection screenshot

Once you’ve reviewed the composition of the panel and details of the meeting, you’ll need to complete the Principal Advisor Statement.

It consists of questions about your student’s progress, their engagement and communication, and the resources and the support that they have. Please be frank in your assessment of their progress to date. This report will only be shared with the DHDR and the Chair of the Progress Review.

Principal advisor statement screenshot

Once you’ve completed the Principal Advisor Statement, please confirm that you’ve done so to the best of your knowledge, endorse your candidate’s HDR Progress Review request, and hit Submit.

If you do not endorse your student’s HDR Progress Review request, you will be required to leave a comment explaining why. It will be assigned back to your student to make the necessary changes and resubmit. Please ensure that you’ve communicated with them about the changes required and that your comment is sufficient for them to understand why you have not endorsed their request and what they need to do to update it.

The HDR Progress Review request sends the following important notifications during the Progress Review Process: 

  1. HDR Progress Review request Initiation Confirmation: This notification is sent to the Candidate when they initiate their HDR Progress Review request. It is advisable to store this notification in a place that is easily accessible should you need to refer to the request ID in communications with the Graduate School.

Candidate initiate request confirmation email screenshot

  1. UniTask Task Assigned notification: This notification is sent to an individual whenever they have a task due for completion within the request. The Principal Advisor and the Director of HDR receive this notification when required to endorse the Candidate’s request. The Candidate receives it when required to finalise the request. The Chair receives it when required to complete the Chair’s Report in connection with the Progress Review Meeting.

PA-DHDR Task Notification email screenshot

  1. Progress Review Endorsed: This notification is sent to the Chair, Panel Members, the Director of HDR, and Principal Advisor, once the Principal Advisor and Director of HDR have endorsed the Candidate’s HDR Progress Review request. These composition of the Panel and details of the Meeting remain provisional and can be change until the Candidate finalises the request.

  1. Changes Made to the Panel: This notification is sent to a Panel Member if they have been removed from the Progress Review Panel.

Member removed from panel notification email screenshot

  1. Progress Review Documents Available: This notification is sent to the Chair, Panel Members, the Director of HDR, and Principal Advisor, when the Candidate completes their request and sends it for their Progress Review. It contains the UQ-RDM link and password. It is important store this email notification of the documentation in an accessible place, as it also contains the composition of the Panel, the Meeting details, and the Zoom-link. The composition of the Progress Review Panel and the details of the Meeting contained within the Progress Review Documents Available notification are final and cannot be changed within the request.

Documents available notification email screenshot

  1. Provide More Information: This notification is sent to the Candidate if the Chair requires more information to complete the Chair’s Report and send their recommendation to the Graduate School. The Chair’s explanation of what they require will appear in the Request Comment.

Provide more information notification email screenshot

  1. Chair’s Recommendation: this notification is sent to the Candidate when the Chair completes their report and sends the HDR Progress Review request to the Graduate School for processing. A link will appear in the notification if the Chair has provided any additional documentation following the Progress Review.

Chair's recommendations email screenshot